Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Awesome Box of OGX Hair Products I Received! ~ #Review #OGX

Disclosure: Gloria's Bits and Pieces received free products for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

I have tried a variety of OGX hair products in the past and can honestly say that they are products that I use because they make my hair looking better and I like the way they all smell so good, like you're on an exotic island vacation.  They have so many options and types that you'll be sure to find some favorites to choose from.

This time I received a surprise package with some amazing OGX products including Orchid Oil Shampoo, Orchid Oil Conditioner, Lavender Luminescent Platinum Penetrating Oil, and Shea Soft & Smooth Creamy Hair Butter.

Since I get my hair high-lighted regularly and blow dry it daily, my hair does get drier. Also, being in the summer sun this time of year can damage hair from those UV rays. OGX products are just the thing to help me out with this problem.

Starting with the Orchid Oil Shampoo, this comes in a nice 13 fl. oz. size with a very appealing scent of fresh orchids. It is a pretty light pink color and includes orchid extract and grape seed oil. These ingredients help to keep my color treated hair from fading keep it moisturized and protect it from the UV rays. My hair feels squeaky clean after washing my hair with it.

The Orchid Oil Conditioner also comes in a 13 fl. oz. size and as the shampoo, it smells like lovely fresh orchids. It consists of a creamy white texture and, as the Orchid Oil Shampoo includes orchid extract and grape seed oil. After washing my hair I only use a small amount on my shorter hair. Then distribute through to the ends and let it set a few minutes, and rinse thoroughly. My hair felt smooth and renewed after using it. My daughter also used both the shampoo and conditioner and loved how it made her hair look so much smoother and nice.

I love the fragrance of lavender and the Lavender Luminescent Platinum Penetrating Oil smells just like a field of fresh lavender on a sunny day! It comes in a 3.3 fl. oz. flip top bottle and you only need a tiny amount (even less on my shorter hair). Then I thoroughly distributed it through my hair, making sure to get to the roots. Mmm, my hair was smelling so good!

Last but not least the Shea Soft & Smooth Creamy Hair Butter comes in a 6.6 oz. screw off container. When I opened it to see how it smelled I was wowed over! It smells so good with the light coconut and shea butter scent! You can use this product after shampooing and then rinsing after leaving it in your hair for a few minutes. In addition you can use it on damp hair and just style your hair as usual. This would be a great idea for tangly hair to make it smooth and manageable. On top of that, you can even use this product as a moisturizer on your body to make it touchably soft.

OGX products have their own website if you would like to check it out, which I think you will! They have so many other products that will make your hair looking it's very best!

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  1. You and your daughter both have beautiful hair! Wow! What a fun thing, to get a surprise product box in the mail! I think I would like the hair butter to make my hair nice and smooth and not so frizzy. We couldn't use the orchid ones because of all the allergies in my house.

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments, Brenda! Yes, the hair butter would be perfect for frizzy hair. Too bad you couldn't use the orchid products, they smell so good.