Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What's Your Favorite Household Chore? (Or Your Worse)!

Interesting question to pose to everyone out there! What's your favorite household chore? (Or Your Worse)!

I've been thinking about it and all the chores that a woman has to do to keep her home looking presentable. The list is endless and starts all over again if you do get it all done.

Here is is list of chores that came to mind when thinking about the household:

1. Clothes and all Laundry Washing

2 . Dusting

3 . Vacuuming

4.  Cooking

5.  Washing Dishes (hand washing or dishwasher)

6.  Picking Up

7.  Scrubbing Bathtubs/Showers/Sinks

8.  Scrubbing Toilets

9.  Cleaning Bathroom Floors

10. Washing Windows

11. Cleaning Kitchen Ovens/Stovetops

12.  Ironing (Rarely Done By Me)

13.  Taking Trash Out

14.  Wiping Walls Down

15.  Organizing

Now if you have little children you have so much more to do. I remember well the years when my twin sons and daughter were little. I did what I could and the main thing was just taking care of them. There were 3 in diapers for one year and I was always changing diapers or making bottles of formula. I nursed my daughter until a month before the twins were born when she turned 2 and I was huge. I didn't nurse the twins because it would have been too much for me. Even maternity clothes were too small so I wore an old sweat suit from my mother-in-law which I remember well.

But now I look back and wish I could go back to those days because they just flew and are now gone. My nephew and I had a birthday yesterday and I remember when he was born on my birthday. I was 31 when he was born and now he just turned 30 years old. So you know what age that makes me - 61!

These days I wish there was a little baby in the family. The youngest child of my siblings is now 20 I think, or close to it. That is my brother's son. My oldest sister is 10 years older than me and she got married young when she was 20. She is now 71 and has 2 grandchildren. One is 20 and the other is 17. So those are the youngest in our immediate families.

When you get to my age lots of my friends from high school are grandparents and I'm starting to envy them. I see pictures on facebook of their grandchildren and would love to have one of my own. None of my 3 children have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I guess that's alright too, but I pray that they find someone to share their life with, get married and have a family of their own some day.

Oh yes, back to favorite or worse household chores.....my favorite chore is probably kind of strange to some people. I like a clean bathroom and it is kind of my favorite chore. My worse chore would have to be washing windows. I can't stand doing that for some reason.

What is your favorite or worse chore?


  1. My favorite chore is picking up because that's easy to do and makes the house look better. My worse chore is hard to pick because I don't like most of them, but I guess it would be washing dishes since it's an every day thing. Wow, you had 3 in diapers for awhile! You and your sister are like my 2 sons, 10 years apart. My daughter is 8 years apart from her younger brother.

    1. Yes, I was pretty busy with 3 little ones, but it seems like yesterday. That's neat your two sons are 10 years apart, as my sister and me. I didn't know that. Picking up does make the house look alot better. I've been downsizing and it looks so much better.