Thursday, April 13, 2017

Get An Airbrushed Look by Michael Todd SonicBlend Makeup Brush @MichaelToddBeauty #sonicBLEND #flawless #Review

Michael Todd SonicBlend Makeup Brush

Time really does go by fast, as you might have noticed. The older you get the faster it seems to fly by. How does that happen? I can't figure it out! It seems like it was just Christmas and now it's already April. Spring has sprung and the warmer weather is making me want to get out more.

I've found that my skin has changed over the years. When I was younger I didn't wear makeup all the time, especially when I had my three little ones (daughter and twin sons) to take care of. Yes, I was busy and makeup was the last thing on my mind. Like I said, time flies and now they are grown adults. Now I'm seeing fine lines, some wrinkles and dark spots that weren't there when I was younger. These days I put on my makeup first thing in the morning, unless I'm positively sure I won't be seeing any body that day.

I've never got around to try an electric makeup brush yet,,,until now! Michael Todd SonicBlend is not your ordinary electric makeup brush, but it's an "Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush". Unlike others you may have heard of, it uses sonic technology that makes applying your makeup so much easier and with a #flawless finish.

Attractive Packaging:

The Michael Todd SonicBlend Makeup Brush comes in a cute little package that includes everything you need to get started. I opted for the tortoise design brush and thought it was so attractive and stylish looking. If you like a solid color they also offer pink, black and white brushes.

Includes The Following:

What you get with the #sonicBLEND is the cordless handle which you use to apply your makeup. Along with that you get the antimicrobial brush head, and a USB charging cable. You also get a user manual with thoroughly described instructions. Also, no batteries are required.

Before Using:

Before you get started it is recommended to charge the brush handle (which is powered with a rechargeable battery) for 3 hours.To do this you plug the smaller part of the USB cable into the end of the brush handle and the large end into a USB receptacle port such as a computer. When the brush handle is fully charged the light on it will change from red to green.

Use Less Makeup:

You'll be happy to know that you'll save on makeup by using the #sonicBLEND from @MichaelToddBeauty. This amazing brush applies makeup up to 400 micro-movements per second and gives you an air-brushed look. It's not like those rotating brushes you may have tried or heard of. It also gives you better coverage than ordinary brushes and doesn't leave streaks or lines.

Antimicrobial Brush Head:

The SonicBlend Brush Head is treated with antimicrobial protection for bacterial contamination. It won't wear out for the life of the brush head, which is about a year for continuous use. To clean the brush you can use shampoo, dish detergent or a mild soap and thoroughly rinse it clean with warm water

What I love about this makeup brush is that there is no rubbing of the makeup into my skin. All I did was put a squirt of my liquid foundation in my hand and dabbed the brush into it. Then turned it on with the button on the handle. There are 3 speeds so you can select whichever you feel comfortable with. You just press the on/off button till you get your desired speed.

Using the #sonicBLEND felt really good on my skin, actually like it was lightly massaging my face. You don't have to press hard into your skin to apply makeup but just use small strokes or circular motions. I usually use my fingers to apply my liquid foundation and get uneven spots, but it did not happen with this brush.

Of course I still have some wrinkles, but I thought my makeup looked smoother and a bit more natural. My only suggestion would be a smaller brush head for the under eye area, although the manual says you can use the outer edge of the brush for that area. Make sure not to get it near your eyes though.

All in all, I thought this was a cool product and was happy to be able to try it out! The Michael Todd SonicBlend Makeup Brush is portable and would be great to take with you anywhere you may go. It sells for $79 and the replacement brushes sell for $26 to $28.

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I never heard of an electronic makeup brush. It seems like a really neat thing to try. I'm glad it made your makeup look smoother. It's hard to blend in foundation with your fingers.

    1. It's quite a neat product and feels good on my skin too, like a light massage on my face.