Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Back Yard Visitors ~ Turkeys!

Tom The Turkey With His Feathers Spread Out

Yesterday my husband told me we had about 7 turkeys behind our house. We live in town but there is a small woods behind our yard. We've had turkeys coming around in the past but it's been quite some time. A few years they lined up on our fence and I took some pictures of them because it was quite unique. Years ago there were never turkeys around here, but they must be multiplying I guess.

I went out in our breezeway and grabbled my camera first. Tom the turkey had his feathers spread out and it was quite a sight. He looke so huge! The females were at a distance but near enough to see each other, lol!

Slowly I opened our breezeway door and stood there very still, watching them. He was turning different angles so I snapped a few pictures.

I was amazed at his colorful blue head and the orange color! On the last picture Tom Turkey noticed me and walked toward the wooded area.

A female was near him at the time! Isn't he huge with the wings all spread out!


  1. Wow, he does look huge! Those are great pictures you took of him. I can clearly see all of the colors on his head. What a neat experience to see turkeys in your yard. All we ever see in our backyard is the neighborhood cat and sometimes a lizard.

  2. That's what I thought, he was a big bird. Of course with his feathers spread he probably looks bigger. Where I live there aren't lizards. I remember when my brother lived in CA and we saw lizards that was really something!