Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker ~ #Review #Ozeri

Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker

I'm a popcorn lover, and eat it just about every night! It's a cheap snack and is a good source of fiber. I'm one for enjoying a large bowl of popcorn while watching an old movie. It's relaxing and a nice time to unwind from the day.

Recently I got the chance to get the Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker which was pretty exciting to me! I don't like using oil to make my popcorn so this was right up my alley. This is a hot air popcorn popper and makes your popcorn taste so much better than those microwaveable pre-packaged ones you can buy in the store. All you need is the popcorn, plus salt and butter to add if you like it that way - which is what I do.

This popcorn popper comes in a pretty bright red color which looks so nice on a kitchen countertop, and doesn't take up much room to store away. I love how this popper is faster than using a microwave, which is what I always use to make my popcorn. 

 You get a plastic measuring cup to place your kernels in, and then pour into the popper's base. Do not use not more than 1/3 cup of popcorn at a time. I placed one of my very large bowls under the chute to hold the popcorn. It only took a few minutes and I didn't measure how much popcorn it made, but it was a nice size bowl for my movie watching. There were some that kernels that didn't pop but that's usually the case when you're popping any type of popcorn. 

The popcorn maker's measuring cup can also be used to melt butter in. I didn't use this as yet but all you do is place it on top of the cover and the butter melts while popping your corn.

Along with the Ozeri OZP1 Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker you get an instruction booklet with all the directions and safeguards.

If you are interested it may be found on Amazon for $28.45 as of this date.

Disclosure: I receive free product for review purposes and no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed here are of the reviewer.


  1. That popcorn maker looks nice. We used to eat a lot of popcorn, but don't for some reason anymore. Although, the other day my daughter said she felt like having some. This would be a great way to make some healthy popcorn for us. Thanks for the review.

    1. It really is a healthy snack and cheap to make too. It tastes so much better than pre-packaged bags you can buy.