Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Let's Get Crafty - With A Snowman @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

Let's Get Crafty - With A Snowman @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

Being a Social Insider I am participating in the Social Insiders Summer Blogging Challenge. One of the challenges was "Let's Get Crafty". Pinterest has lots of crafts projects that I would like to try, although the craft I made is one that a 4-H leader told me about.

Since the holidays are coming up (yes, sooner than you think), here is a neat snowman that will brighten your day! It's made of 4 regular soup cans, a small black plastic plate, an empty frosting container with the lid, a couple of twigs, white paint, black paint, orange paint, a piece of cloth, white duct tape, glue and a couple of decorations to decorate your snowman's arms.

All you do is paint the soup cans white and let dry. Then paint a face on one of the cans, however you like. For the "carrot" nose I used orange paint and used black paint to draw the eyes, eyebrows, and black dots for the mouth. I also painted a snowflake in each of the eyes after the black paint had dried. To make some rosy cheeks, I lightly dabbed a spot with some orange paint.

After that I taped the cans together with white duct tape, one on top of the other. You have to drill a couple of holes on each side of the second can to glue the stick arms in. Paint the empty frosting container black and glue it on top of the plastic plate. Then glue the whole thing on top for the snowman's hat. Also, you can make black "buttons" on the snowman by dipping a round sponge brush in black paint and pressing it on the middle of the bottom two cans.

Last of all, I decorated the snowman with a piece of cloth for the scarf, hung a little broom on his twig arm, and attached a cute little bird. I'm not a crafty person, but making this snowman is so easy that even I can do it!

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