Saturday, September 10, 2016

Great For Baking, Cooking & More ~ Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale #Ozeri #Review

Like a lot of people, when I was younger it wasn't necessary to keep track of what I ate. There wasn't any need to count my calories then. Now that I'm a middle-aged woman, it seems like all I have to do is look at a piece of cake and I gain weight!

With the Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale it will be easier to measure my portions of food to keep from going overboard on the gravy train, so to speak. It will also be nice to be able to get the precise measurements for baking and cooking. Sometimes I'm not sure if my measurements are level or correct and I'm left with cookies that don't turn out the best and look rather thin. By using this awesome Ozeri Pro II you get accurate measurements without guesswork.

When I opened the box that the scale was in I thought it was such a sleek looking kitchen scale. It's a nice smaller size which is shiny black and has a removable clear platform. I love that you get the batteries needed for the scale included in the package. It takes 2 AAA batteries and are easily inserted on the backside of the scale.

The scale is easy to use with a large on/off button and unit button which you press down to use. You can change the mode to oz, g, lbs and kg with click of the button. It actually makes a "click" sound to confirm when you change to your choice of measurement. If you are baking and want to weigh ingredients that are in a bowl or container, the scale includes a tare button that subtracts the weight of the container.

A great feature with this scale is the timer that is built right in. I like that it offers 3 different alarm types which include a loud beep, a blinking LED light, or a combination of both. This is nice to have instead of my old fashioned wind-up timer (which sometimes doesn't work).

If you are an eBay seller you could also the scale for weighing your items to get the correct weight for postage, without guessing. I'm very happy with my new Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale! It's a nice small size that doesn't take up much room on your counter. You can also easily store it in a drawer or cabinet.

If you are interested in one for yourself, you may find this neat scale on Amazon.


  1. That looks like a really nice scale. I've always wanted a kitchen scale to help weigh out the meat we separate, leftover from holidays. I like that you know for sure that you switched it to a different measurement. I also like that it has other functions, like a kitchen timer. I can always use another one of those when I'm cooking multiple things. Thanks for the great review.

  2. It is a very handy scale for so many things. It would be great for weighing out your leftover meat from holidays. I like that it has the different measurements also. It could even be used for weighing items for mailing out things. Thanks for the nice comment, Brenda.