Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Is One Of My Favorite Things @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

Being a Social Insider I'm taking part of the Summer Blogging Challenge 2016. This week I'm supposed to tell about one of my favorite things. Only thing is I couldn't narrow it down to one so will talk about not one but two of my favorite things that I can't live without right now. Summer has been hotter than usual with temperatures in the 90's and the first things I thought of were my sandals (flip flops) and tank tops.

I don't wear shoes or socks all summer when it's hot because wearing them does make me so much more warm. It makes me about 10 degrees hotter or more I would have to guess. My husband is just the opposite and can't stand wearing flip flops or sandals at all. I've asked him why he doesn't get any and he told me he doesn't like the feel of them. I don't get it, they feel comfortable to me - and so much cooler on your feet.

Since I have plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) on both feet I usually get special sandals from a company called Spenco. They have added support for plantar fasciitis. If you haven't heard of plantar fasciitis it can be pretty painful. Sometimes, I just wear regular ones if I don't have to do much walking.

 Tank tops are the second favorite thing. Below are a couple that I have in my closet.

 They are cooler to wear than a t-shirt and you don't have anything covering your arms.

There isn't a particular brand that I wear, just something that fits and that I like. I wear them all summer and especially love my purple colored ones (since that's my favorite color).

So there you have it! What's one of your favorite things?

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