Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kind of Like New!

 Before Refinishing

I had an old cabinet in my bathroom that didn't look very good at all. The finish was worn in spots and it needed to be brought back to life. The other day my husband and I had the same idea to refinish it. Isn't it amazing that sometimes wives and husbands think alike! It happens occasionally. He took it outside since it's not a project for the indoors. It's been hot and sunny lately so it was a good weather to do it.

All Set Out For The Job

Above are more "before" pics. Notice the white spot on the top of the cabinet, on the right side. The finish was worn off there. My husband put down newspapers under the cabinet and drawers.

Hubby Working On It

He had already taken the white knobs off of the drawers. Then he took the old stain off the cabinets with a clean cloth. The wood looked so much better already!

After Stain Was Removed

Hubby just applied a coat of tung oil for the wood finish which worked beautifully. We thought it looked fine with the natural wood look. I'm pretty happy with the results of the cabinet. I think it looks much nicer than before. Kind of looks like new!

Have you ever refinished a piece of furniture? Let me know how the results were. I love comments!

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