Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Is For Family Gatherings

Yesterday was a rather busy day. First I had a doctor's appointment (which takes 45 minutes to drive there). Then it took about an an hour and a half in the doctor's office (mostly for waiting). Isn't that awful how long doctors make you wait. I took my mother along because from there we drove about 40 minutes to my only living aunt's house for a small family gathering of relatives. Some of my cousins from different parts of the state met at my aunt's house. My mom is the oldest sister to my aunt and they are the only 2 siblings left. The whole group was going to a restaurant to eat and waited for us for quite awhile but by the time we got to the restaurant the waitress said they had left just ten minutes before. I don't blame them because we didn't know how long it would be at the doctor appointment and they arrived earlier in the morning to visit.

Anyways, then we drove to my aunt's house not too far from the restaurant and the group was sitting outside visiting. She lives around a wooded area and it was a pleasant day, not too hot with a nice breeze. It was nice to catch up and just be with family. We stayed a few hours and were the last ones to leave since we got there so late. Since everyone else had been there earlier, they were ready to head back home before us.

Needless to say, my mother and I were hungry because we missed lunch and so we stopped at my favorite restaurant (The Cracker Barrel) on the way back home. I didn't mind that at all since I would rather eat there anyways. Then we went to Meier and did some grocery shopping for some things I needed after that. By the time we got home it was nearly 9:00 at night. Mom wanted to get home so she could watch some of the "The Bachelorette". She loves watching that show and even wanted to hurry in the restaurant so she wouldn't miss it. I took her groceries in her house and walked home (she lives 2 houses from me). So it was a pretty busy day. We made it back home safely and it was nice spending time with our relatives!


  1. What a beautiful family picture. The last of my aunts passed (3 aunts, 5 uncles) and remember those gatherings well. Making more memories with my own family (5 children; 9 grandchildren) and cherish those get togethers.

    1. Thank you so much Agnes. I bet you have a great time when you get together with your children and grandchildren. That's awesome! None of my 3 children are married yet, but some day I would love to have some grandchildren.