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Grab Some Popcorn and Watch - Icons of Comedy + Midnight Movie Madness from Mill Creek Entertainment ~ #Review

 Icons of Comedy + Midnight Movie Madness from Mill Creek Entertainment  ~ #Review

Disclosure: I received free products for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

From Mill Creek Entertainment:

Minneapolis, MN (July 14, 2016) Mill Creek Entertainment, a leading home entertainment distribution company is pleased to announce the re-release of our “50 Movie Mega-Packs” and the accompanying launch of The 50 Movie Mega-Packs were launched in June 2016 and will be available for an MSRP of $29.98.

Watch Mill Creek is a new streaming platform by Mill Creek Entertainment that was launched in tandem with the 50 movie collections. Viewers are able to purchase, redeem and stream curated collections of nostalgic films as well as individual films and documentaries. By purchasing the physical DVD set of the 50 movie collections the customer receives a unique redemption code that will give them digital access to all 50 films at . The code is found on the inside of the box and gives the three simple steps a customer must follow to redeem their digital content.

Customers may also purchase other 50 movie collections digitally without having to purchase the physical good. Individual titles are available for purchase, as well as the purchase of original documentary series and other movie collections, as well as free contentCurrently Watch Mill Creek is available on desktop and mobile and will soon be available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and AppleTV.

Legends of the stage and screen are assembled together in this cavalcade of comedy, jammed pack with jokes, zingers, one-liners and pratfalls that made them famous.  From the larger-than-life Three Stooges to the pint-sized Little Rascals, the true pioneers of big screen slapstick are all together in this 50 feature laugh-fest that will tickle the funny bone of young and old alike!

Featuring The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Our Gang, Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields, Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Fatty Arbuckle, Jimmy Stuart, Cary Grant, Shirley Temple and more!

My Thoughts:
50 Movie Collection - Icons of Comedy:   
The old time comedies of years ago with Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges and Laurel & Hardy are timeless. My kids always liked watching them as much as I do because it is good clean comedy. I can't tell you how many times we've watched these and laugh as much as the first time we watched them. There's nothing like laughing with your family and these movies make you feel so good. So far two of my favorite movies from this collection are The Kid with Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan, and The Flying Deuces with Laurel and Hardy.

There’s madness in the air with this outrageous bevvy of bizarre B-movie delights.  It’s shock, schlock, gore and more with 50 maniacal movies that will leave you laughing, crying and screaming with joy.  It’s a star-studded treasure trove of cinematic oddities perfect for film buffs who think they’ve seen it all, but they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
Featuring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Anthony Perkins, William Shatner, Roger Moore, Jack Nicholson, John Carradine, Karen Black, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Harrison, John Candy, Mark Hamill and many more!
My Thoughts:
50 Movie Collection - Midnight Movie Madness:   
Scary movies are another genre of films that I like to watch, especially the older ones. I'm a big fan of Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, who star in some of these films. A few of the other stars that I'm sure you are familiar with are Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster and Elizabeth Taylor. It's fun to watch a scary movie and sit at the edge of your seat with suspense, while eating popcorn! Two of my favorite in this collection that I've watched so far are House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price and Richard Long, and Swamp Woman with Beverly Garland and Mike Connors.
A big thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment for the opportunity to review these two movie collection sets!

Disclosure: I received free products for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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