Thursday, April 14, 2016

My New Favorite Kitchen Tool ~ Professional Evergreen Watermelon Cutter ~ #Review #WaterMelon

Disclosure: I received product at a deeply discounted price for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Professional Evergreen Watermelon Cutter

When I think of summer I think of hot days and a lot of outdoor activities. Graduation parties will be coming up and maybe a few weddings also. Plus lot of barbecues and outdoor get togethers with family and friends. One thing that I always like to eat at home and parties is watermelon! It is starting to show up a little in grocery stores here in Michigan already.

Although I love to eat watermelon, it can be messy when cutting it to serve for guests or my family. I'm one to always be interested in anything to make it easier in the kitchen so was happy to get the Professional Evergreen Watermelon Cutter. This is a new and unique kitchen tool that will be very helpful from now on when cutting my watermelon.

To use all you do is cut the watermelon in half. Then you just use the cutter to cut your evenly sliced pieces of melon to serve. I love that you don't have to cut the whole watermelon apart with this tool so it's less messy. You don't have the cutting board and counter-top all sticky and flooded with juice when using this tool which makes less cleaning up afterwards.

The tool itself is a shiny metal which feels pretty sturdy to do the job. It has two places where there are indentations to place your fingers when cutting to get a good grip. It's great that you can get even slices and not a lot of mis-matched pieces. Then you just lift them out of the melon and place on your serving dish.

I know my sister will want to borrow my Professional Evergreen Watermelon Cutter for her daughter's graduation party this year! She's making a fruit bowl so this will make it a lot easier cutting the melon.

If interested you may find this product on Amazon

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