Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great Design - Digital Clinical Thermometer by Purple Safety ~ #Review #promotion

 Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Digital Clinical Thermometer by Purple Safety
When you have a sick child or baby you need a good thermometer to get an accurate temperature. We have an old fashioned thermometer in the medicine cabinet but really haven't used it for quite some time. I'm not even sure if it works any more.

The Digital Clinical Thermometer by Purple Safety is a thermometer that is FDA and CE approved so you know it should be safe for your child to use. This thermometer is so modern looking and has a quick reading, unlike my old thermometer. You get a reading in about 30 seconds and it has an LCD screen which shows up nicely. It even beeps when ready to show the temperature.
This thermometer is a pretty purple color and is great for kids or infants. It has a flexible tip which is more comfortable to use on children's tender skin. It's also waterproof so that you can clean it in between using to keep it sanitized and keep from spreading germs.
It has an ergonomic design which is easy to handle and comes with a sturdy plastic case to protect it from getting broken when not in use. What's nice is that you even get an extra battery for when the current battery runs down. The battery life is supposed to be good for more than 200 hours of continuous so it should last me a long time.The Digital Clinical Thermometer by Purple Safety may be found on Amazon for $16.45 as of this writing. 


  1. You got to review a thermometer too! You're lucky because your's was purple - that's my favorite color. I think the flexible tip is a nice feature because it will make the thermometer comfortable in your child's mouth. That's something nice to have when they already don't feel good.

    1. Purples is my favorite color too. Yes, that flexible tip is really so nice.