Friday, April 15, 2016

Brew Coffee or Tea with the Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot ~ #Review #willowandeverett

 Disclosure: I received complimentary product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own,

Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot by Willow & Everett

My husband and I love our freshly brewed tea and coffee. Actually he prefers tea and I'm more of a  coffee drinker -  although I drink hot tea occasionally in the winter. I've heard that manual brewing by pouring your water over a cone filter is really becoming popular these days because of the better flavor it produces. The Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot by Willow & Everett is just the item to use for this purpose because it gives you a precise and better flow of water for pour over brewing. 

When I received the Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot by Willow & Everett it came boxed securely with no problem. I was very impressed with how beautiful this piece was! It is made of sturdy mirrored stainless steel and is so stylish looking just to have it sitting in your kitchen. This pot is like a work of art with the unusual and unique beehive design around it. I love how it shines and is so pretty just to look at.

 The pot has a very sleek long neck which has a tapered spout that makes it so nice to pour your liquid. It is not overly heavy but is rather lightweight so it's not hard to lift or handle. The black plastic coated handle is ergonomically designed with notches to put your hand which is comfortable and also keeps your hands free from the heat. 

The coffee pot is a nice size which holds 40 ounces of water. It can be used on any type of stove top whether you have electric, gas, induction or halogen. The top or lid has three tiny holes which emit the steam when your water starts to boil. This is nice to know so you can determine when your water is hot enough to use. The black knob on the lid is so great also to keep your hands from getting burned.

I am very impressed with this Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot and would recommend it if you like to brew your coffee with the pour over cone method.

If interested you can find this product on Amazon.

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