Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Popping Up

Spring Popping Up

The time is here! Spring has come and I'm very happy to see some signs outside. Every year these little flowers...crocuses... peek out from under the dead leaves of last Fall. 

It looks so nice now that all the snow is melted around our area. We did have a snow fall a couple of days ago, but at this time of the year it was all melted in a few hours.  I did see this tiny spot of snow in the leaves that hadn't melted as yet.

You can see that the blades of grass are just about ready to start greening up. We had a little rain today so that will probably help the process, I'm sure. The days are so much longer than in the midst of winter, when it gets dark at about 5:00pm.

I noticed that the buds are already on the trees and there are more animals and birds around. I've seen lots of robins already. Robins are the state bird and people always look for them as a sign of Spring. My mom said she saw a robin the other day and I told her I saw a lot of them already.

I really like the season of Spring, although my allergies don't like it much at all. When you think about it, the year is a quarter done already. That's how fast the time goes, day by day, month by month, into years.

Well, we don't want to rush it that fast, do we? Enjoy your Spring and take time to enjoy the beauty that our creator has made. 

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