Monday, July 28, 2014

Toilet Tree Storage & Travel Case for the Face & Body Brush System - Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary product in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own and yours may differ.

Toilet Tree Storage & Travel Case for the Face & Body Brush System - Review

Last winter I had the pleasure to try out the Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System and I love it! (Here is my review of it if you would like to check it out). It really helps clean my facial skin from all the impurities and buildup of makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells. My face feels and looks so much better after using it and it's tons cheaper than going to a spa. On top of that, the attachment for a body exfoliator is great to get your skin stimulated and the pumice stone attachment sheds the dry skin on my dry and cracked heels.

I was thrilled when the folks from Toilet Tree asked me to review their Storage and Travel Case for the Face and Body Brush System. This is a wonderful case that conveniently stores your system. Since it is summer time and lots of people are vacationing, this case would be great for traveling. It's got all the tools you need and a place just for them.

The case includes 4 replacement heads including 1 Body Brush Head, 1 Soft Face Brush Head, 1 Medium Face Brush Head and 1 Pumice Stone Head. It has a place for your Face and Body Brush System also (not included with the case, I just put mine in the spot where it goes to show you below).

This case could also be used at home to store your whole system so you have everything in a nice neat place. It measures 8 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches. Also the Face Brush String hangs through the case for easy carrying, which is a nice convenience.

I'm so happy to have been able to get this awesome Toilet Tree Storage & Travel Case for my Face & Brush System! If you would like to get one for yourself just go to Amazon. It is selling as of this date for $17.95 (regular price is $21.95).

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