Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting Rid of Clutter

Getting Rid of Clutter

I'm starting to think of Spring these cold winter days. I have been looking around my house think it's not too soon to start on decluttering.

But where to start? That's a great question! I'm not really a neat freak but do like a clean house. I can't stand to look at clutter in every corner.  With a small house and five in the family it's hard to keep things in order and not looking overcrowded.

We don't have a basement or any storage space at all in our house. We do have a garage that I have tons of stuff stored that we really want to keep. Lots of the items are my kids' treasures that they want to keep. Other things are items that I want to keep.

That being said, I've been listing things I don't need or want on eBay since October. I figured people would want to buy Christmas gifts so I started early listing items. Since October I've sold 74 things on eBay. I kept a list in a notebook so I could keep record of everything.

Next on my list is going to be looking through my closet and drawers. I do wear most of my clothes but there are some sweaters that I don't especially like anymore. Also I have a couple of coats and jackets that have had their share of wear. My plan is to take everything out of my closet and dresser drawers and get a plastic tub and put the clothes I don't want in it. 

I'm going to have a yearly garage sale so I will put the tub in the garage till it gets warmer out. I rarely throw anything out unless it's very worn or ripped. It's fun to have a garage sale and I always make a few hundred dollars.

After my garage sale(s) I put what I don't want to keep until the next year in a box and donate it to a thrift shop. I can't wait till it gets warmer. I've got a lot of stuff ready for a garage sale again!

What do you do with your clutter?

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