Monday, February 3, 2014

My Morning Call That Led To Today's Work

My Morning Call That Led To Today's Work

I don't know how it started many years ago, but I somehow got to be on the sub list to help in our school cafeteria.

It was when my kids went to school there and all the parents had to take their turn to help the cook with preparing the meals and washing dishes. 

If the parents had outside jobs they had to hire someone to take their turn subbing and pay the sub. It's still the same way these days.

Well, I'm still on the list after about ten years and I don't get called very often the last couple of years. There are quite a lot of names on the sub list now and I don't think a lot of the parents know who I am since my kids are a lot older.

So today I got a call from the head cook that a parent had forgotten about their turn on the sub list and didn't hire anyone to take their place. The cook wanted to know if I could come in and I said sure.

I get paid and get out of the house and see what's going on in the school. It's kind of fun to see the kids and all the action going on in the lunchroom.

Of course it's something that probably wouldn't be fun every day, but once in a while is okay with me!

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