Thursday, January 30, 2014

50 Horror Classics Movies- Review + GIVEAWAY!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary product to review and all opinions are my own and your may differ from mine.

50 Horror Classics Movies- Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Have you heard of Mill Creek Entertainment before? If you like movies like my family does, I bet you will be interested in this company. Watching movies is a great way to get together for family time and have some popcorn!
Mill Creek Entertainment is the industry's leading provider of value-priced DVD and Blu-Ray features and compilations.

Growing up I remember watching old movies on television that you don't see these days. That was before cable was around or even DVDs. 

 I love the classic movies and stars of those days. The movie stars were so glamorous and sophisticated with a sense of awe to them. I also loved watching old horror movies and remember being a little frightened when I was a little girl but not so frightened that I still wanted to watch them! It was a good kind of scary, more entertaining.

Mill Creek Entertainment is the place to get a wonderful set of Horror Classics Movies, among many other genres of movies. 

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They have something for every genre.....such as children, family, mysteries, westerns, television, sci-fi, history, comedy, educational, musicals, action and lots more.

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I received the Horror Classics set which is a 50 movie pack and has all the great old spooky movies that I always loved to watch. 

This set includes twelve doubled-sided DVDs and has a total run time of 62 hours and 23 minutes! It was fun watching Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price in some of these movies! Watching them really brought back memories and they will be great to add to my DVD library.

 If you would like to order this set you can purchase at Mill Creek Entertainment for $29.98. For orders over $50 shipping is free.

This volume of cool old movies includes the following:

The Amazing Mr. X           
The Ape              
Atom Age Vampire           
The Attack of the Giant Leeches  
The Bat 
The Beast of Yucca Flats               
Black Dragons    
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die    
Carnival of Souls              
The Corpse Vanishes     
Creature from the Haunted Sea  
Dead Men Walk 
Dementia 13       
Doomed to Die 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Silent)     
The Fatal Hour   
The Giant Gila Monster   
The Gorilla       
House on Haunted Hill   
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Silent)   
The Indestructible Man  
Invisible Ghost    
The Killer Shrews            
King of the Zombies         
The Last Man on Earth    
Last Woman on Earth     
The Little Shop of Horrors            
The Mad Monster             
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet             
The Monster Maker        
The Monster Walks        
Night of the Living Dead 
Nightmare Castle          
Nosferatu (Silent)           
One Body Too Many       
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues           
The Phantom of the Opera (Silent)            
Revolt of the Zombies    
The Screaming Skull         
A Shriek in the Night      
Swamp Women 
The Terror         
The Vampire Bat        
White Zombie    
The World Gone Mad   

GIVEAWAY: If you would like a chance to win the same Horror Classic Movies  that I received please enter below. Ages 18 or older in the U.S. only. Ends Feb. 18, 2014. I am not responsible for delivery of prize.

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  1. We like to watch comedies and scary movies.

  2. We (my husband and I) do not have plans for Valentine's day yet but I guess we have a couple weeks to plan! :)

  3. i want to watch milcreek Carnival of Souls

  4. Leave in a comment below what types of movies your family likes to watch.

    i like horror

  5. Let me know in a comment below if you have plans for Valentine's Day

    14 hours of sleep..ill wake when its over

  6. No plans for Valentine's. We haven't done much for the past few years. I should step it up! :)

  7. We like all kids of movies (excluding anything sad, my husband hates sad or tugs on your heart movies.)

  8. I've been browsing, they have some good deals! The 8 movie chick flick set would be a good one.

  9. I like a lot of their movie and TV classic I like that I don't have yet is Night of the Living Dead! I am a big fan of old school Horror! There are so many great movies for me yet to get.

  10. We enjoy a variety of movies, ranging from action, comedy, sci-fi and animated. But I'm mainly the only one who likes the horror genre.

  11. I'm going to take my wife out to a nice dinner for Valentine's, then the rest of the evening will be a surprise. :)

  12. I'd love

  13. We watch comedy and animation films together.

  14. We're going out to dinner for Valentine's Day.

  15. I like to watch comedies and horror flicks. Hubby and I are spending the night at home.

  16. I would love to watch Married with Children from Mill Creek Entertainment!

  17. Our favorites are action movies.

  18. My Valentines plans are a nice dinner out with hubby.

  19. I like this movie from the list up above; House on Haunted Hill

  20. I like a lot of Tom Hanks movies a lot, like The Green Mile, and his latest movie was great too that I just saw Captain Phillips.

  21. My husband and I are going out to a nice place to eat with our son's the day after Valentine's Day because we will be celebrating two of their February Birthday's also.

  22. We went out to dinner on Valentines Day

  23. We watch comedy and animation films together as a family.

  24. We didn't do anything on Valentine's Day (except shovel 18" of snow) so we're celebrating today

  25. We'd enjoy That 70's Show any season

  26. My husband took me out to dinner for Valentine's Day

  27. My family likes classic movies best

  28. We were not able to do anything for Valentines Day this year.

  29. no I didnt have plans on valentines day

  30. we like all types of movies but my husband & I LOVE horror movies especially these old ones!

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  32. We didn't have plans for Valentine's Day. Hubby had to work.

  33. We love all the Pixar animated movies

  34. my family likes watching comedies or animated.

  35. I like horror, but as a family we watch a lot of Disney and family films.

  36. Yes we went to dinner and exchanged cards!!

  37. We watch horror (especially zombies, vampires and werewolves) and comedies.