Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Backyard Visitors

More Backyard Visitors

Lately I have noticed something has been eating the green beans in our garden out back.  We have a corn field (10 acres) around our house so there is plenty of corn to eat but I guess the deer that live around here want some green beans too.
They must want a variety of veggies in their diet, ha, ha.

My husband planted green beans twice, at different times.  We did get about three pickings from the first plantings.  There were lots of the plants eaten though.

Hubby then planted another four rows of green beans.  Well, once they were growing nicely, somebody thought they would be nice and tasty too and ate the whole four rows.

Daughter K. went out to look if we had any summer squash today and noticed that some of the corn was trampled down and there were a lot of deer tracks around the bean plants.  Thank goodness they did leave some for us!

We looked out back today and saw this little guy looking around.   I'm glad he doesn't like onions or squash anyways..........

Last year we planted a bunch of tomato plants and guess what..........something ate those too!  Now we plant them in front of our house.  So far, so good for them.

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