Friday, July 26, 2013

County Fairs........ Aren't Like They Used To Be

County Fairs....... Aren't Like They Used To Be

Did you go to the fair when you were young or maybe you still do.  We haven't been to one in quite a few years since our kids are in their 20's now.  

But today my husband thought of the idea to take a drive to the fair since it's on this week.  He thought it would be something to do and it was a nice day out, not too hot.

Well, was I surprised to say the least.  There were not many people there at all.  The rides weren't even going except the ferris wheel.  Somebody must have been riding that at least.

These ponies were just standing around waiting to give rides to some little kids but there weren't any kids around.  The ponies were so cute I had to take some pictures.  The pony below just stood and looked at me, isn't he sweet.

Hubby and I walked around and went in the merchant's building and there weren't many businesses in there either.  I remember years ago when the building was packed and they gave rulers, pens, pencils, and goodies away and everyone had drawings that you could sign up to win a prize. 

 The 4-H building was a lot smaller than when my kids took 4-H also.  I guess there aren't many 4-H groups any more.  When my kids took 4-H the building was packed with things kids made, collected, grew and what not.  Now there was a lot less than ten years ago for sure.  Probably less than half as much.

My husband said maybe it's because every town has a festival these days.  I don't know but he could be right.  It seems like every little town has a festival and people get so much of it.  Anyways, it was a nice day out and we took a tour of the fair.  Hubby had some homemade french fries (I was good and didn't splurge) and we sat on a bench for awhile.  It was nice to spend time together anyways.  Maybe they got busier later after we left but I see it's raining outside now.

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