Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movies Are A Staple In Our House

If you would happen to be at our house sometime, you might see a member of the family watching a movie in their spare time.  You might say we are movie people and love to watch movies.  It's in the genes I would say. 

My twin sons are going to college for Digital Video Production.  They have lots of dvds and  blu-rays that they get with their spare money and like all kinds of movies, whether it be drama, comedy, or whatever.  Hopefully some day they will get a job with their college education.  Maybe they will work in Hollywood.....who knows!  The boys also like to be in movies too and make their own videos for you tube.

My daughter is finishing college this Spring and will be getting a double major in Art and Graphic Design.  She worked for  a couple of years at Walmart and saved her money and she is going to Italy in May for a month for her last two classes to study abroad.  She loves movies also, by the way, and knows a lot about all types of movies.  She even knows facts and trivia going back to the silent era. 
Now, where do my kids get this interest movies, you might ask?  I think they get some of it from me.  I love old classic movies.  My favorite channel is TCM and I'm usually watching a movie at night.  I don't know what it is but it is so relaxing and great entertainment for me.  I just get my bowl of popcorn and a glass of iced tea and am all set!  

So, there you have it!  We are a movie family and it's something we all have in commonGood clean fun!

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