Monday, December 10, 2012

My Niece Lisa the Justin Bieber Fan of All Fans!

Yesterday my niece had a 15th birthday party for the family.  Can you tell she loves Justin Bieber!  She had a Bieber Santa hat and of course had a Justin Bieber Cake!  Lisa has every CD Justin Bieber made and has so much more memorabilia from him, including perfume and anything else he has!  She even kissed the cake!  Her dream is to see Justin in concert.  I think Lisa would go wild if she would ever get the chance!  It reminds me of when I was that age.  I had a crush on Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy, which you younger ladies probably haven't heard of.  It was a nice time and Lisa was very happy! 


  1. I have...and then of course, there's Donny Osmond...and Michael Jackson....and for the girl side of things - Farrah Fawcett.... :D

  2. Glad you remember them too Andrea :-) Makes me feel not as old as I think I am! I always like Donny and Michael too!

  3. that makes me feel better..... :D