Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Different Christmas Trees

My family has a kind of smaller house.  My sister JoAnn has a small house also, thus we have smaller Christmas trees!  The top one is JoAnn's Christmas tree, the middle is my niece Lisa's tree (in her bedroom) and the bottom is my tree (not fully decorated yet)!  I have a bigger tree but it's too hard to get around the back to decorate it, etc. so I got this smaller one a few years ago.   My daughter wanted to decorate it but is swamped with homework for college before her Christmas break.  One of my son's decorated this much but didn't put the garland and some other decorations on yet.   We didn't even have time to make Christmas cookies as of today.  Maybe tomorrow it will happen.
My Sister's Tree

My Niece's Tree With Justin  Bieber On Wall
My Christmas Tree Not Done Yet

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