Monday, August 27, 2012

Trying to Avoid Germs In Public Places

I have to admit when I go to public places like stores or any place else I try to avoid germs.  I don't just focus on germs but try to avoid them if possible.  When I used a public bathroom I don't touch the door handle but use something like my shirt or a paper towel to open and shut the door.  I don't really like touching a grocery cart either and always use the wipes they have for the handles.  You see people that go to the bathroom and don't even wash their hands and you wonder what they are thinking.  Yuck!  Of course, they are probably the people who never get sick.  

Also when you go to a buffet, did you ever think of all the people using the serving utensils and their germs.  Do you think all those people have clean hands?   I never thought about that until someone brought it to my attention.  Well, now I don't really like to go to buffets.  I go out to eat occasionally but you really don't know what you are eating and who made it.  Maybe it's better we don't know some things.

When you go to a motel, did you ever think of all the people who used that room before.  I don't believe they change the bedspreads every time someone rents a room.  Think of all the people who laid their head on that pillow also.  Then there's the remote for the television and the light switch with all those hands that have been on it, not to mention the doorknobs.  I really don't even feel clean after using one of the showers because you wonder if they really cleaned it.

After our church service everyone shakes hands with the pastor.  Well, you know what I do the first thing I get home is  to wash my hands real well.  Did you ever think of the people who blow their nose or sneeze and then shake hands. 

I'm not the best housekeeper but I try to avoid germs, especially public place germs.  I guess I might be a little like Howie Mandel. 

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