Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Stayed Home For A Vacation This Summer

This summer went by so fast I can't believe August is nearly over.  My family didn't go on a vacation this year.  We don't go on a vacation every year and this year was one of them.  I'm sure there are more of you out there who didn't go on a vacation either.  Money is tight these days.  Grocery prices, gas, and everything is going up in cost every day.  

We spent the summer by planting and weeding a garden for my mother who is 83 (she lives just two houses from us),  sitting outside under the shade tree with mom and neighbors and visiting on summer nights, watching a lot of movies with the kids, going for walks (when it wasn't so hot), having barbecues, and working on an estate sale for a month and a half and having a sale for some people.

My daughter took a class at college three days a week and one of my sons took an on-line college class so they were busy with homework also.

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer and have a great fall!

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