Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Man's (Or Woman's) Trash Is Another One's Treasure

I really don't like throwing stuff out.  I'm not a wealthy person so it's hard to throw things away that some people might just toss out.  I keep everything I don't want any more and put it in the garage in boxes and when it's summer we have an annual garage sale.  After it's over I donate what's left to the Salvation Army and to local thrift shops.  It's nice to get a little money and you would be surprised what people will buy.  One time I was driving to the city and it happened to be on trash day.  I found an antique wooden RC Cola soda pop container by someone's trash.   I picked that up.  Some one wanted to buy it at my sale but I think it's neat and don't want to part with it yet. 

There's a guy that drives around our town the night before trash day and looks for stuff by people's trash.  I think he looks for metal to sell or stuff like that.  Now I wouldn't go that far but I think a lot of people do it these days.  Can you imagine what some rich people throw out!  I would love to see what some movie stars throw out.  I'm sure that some are pack rats and some that throw a lot of good stuff out. 

My sister has estate sales for people and she said once some people had a dumpster and were throwing all sorts of antiques out before she started working on their sale.  They had told her they were throwing out old metal toys and who knows what else.  They didn't know that the old stuff was worth anything.  So one man's trash definitely is another man's treasure sometimes! 


  1. Timely post! We are getting ready to move to another house, and it is garage sale time! My boys are working feverishly to price their toys, shells, etc. We do go through our things once a year, and whatever we don't want and do not sell, we also donate... Some call it trash, I call them unexpected gifts!

  2. Thanks for your comment and good luck on your sale Denise:) I like the "unexpected gifts" term!