Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'd Rather Be Not Tanned Than Laying In the Sun

I don't like laying in the sun or even being in the sun for a long amount of time.  My sister, on the other hand, likes to lay in the sun.  She likes to be tan all summer and also goes to a tanner on top of that.   I don't really get it.  My opinion is that it's not good for your skin.  I go with my son to the dermatologist and he has a sign in his office that says "If you want skin like leather keep tanning your hide".  Makes sense to me!  Also there's the risk of skin cancer.  When I was younger I was in the sun a lot but not now.

I know a woman who used to lay in the sun all the time and now her face is all full of wrinkles.  Very deep wrinkles I might add.  I do go for walks and get some sun and that's enough for me.  If you wear sunscreen I'm sure it helps some but I'd rather stay cool.  What do other women think of laying in the sun or going to tanners?


  1. I never minded tanning until recent years. My husband's best friend lost his wife to skin cancer and she fought a horrible battle. She left behind a 2 year old son and was only 21 years old. That's a harsh reality when it comes to tanning and people don't realize how dangerous tanning can be.

    Now when I want to get some sun, I always apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 50 to prevent my skin from burning.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about that. It surely is a reality how dangerous tanning can be. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate it.

  3. While I would never go tanning, I admit that I like to "soak up the sun," (though doing what I can to avoid burns). I do like how there are tanning lotion options, however. Perhaps I should switch over...