Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Shouldn't Have Bought Those Donut Holes!

I have been trying to lose at least five pounds for a while now for summer.  Last year I went through the same thing and did lose five pounds.  I practically starved myself by doing it but my shorts fit better.  Well, over the winter I gained it back plus a few more pounds.  I can't get into some shorts from last year.  I've been writing down what I eat and do good during the day.  But at night it's the same thing.  I can't get to sleep so I get up and get something to eat!  

I haven't bought donuts since I don't know when.  Last night I went to the store and saw a container of donut holes that I thought the kids would like for a treat since I haven't bought anything like this for months.  Well, I couldn't get to sleep and got up and opened the package.  I ate one.  Then another.  I think I ended up eating six of them but I told my husband I ate about five.  That really sounds a lot better doesn't it (ha, ha,).  He said he thought one of our sons ate them all.  Well, today I'm back to the old diet.  I am not giving up yet!


  1. Look at it this way, you weren't eating a whole donut, so it doesn't count.

    I'm your newest follower from the Made in a Day Hop.



  2. That's a good point Dawn:) Thanks for your following! Going to follow you back too.