Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Beds and Dust Mites

Making a bed every day is something a lot of people do.  It does look better when you make your bed.  The room looks neater and all the blankets aren't thrown around and messed up.  When you go to bed it's nice to open the covers and crawl in a made bed.  Most of the time I make the bed.  My twin sons usually don't.  

Well, I've researched and found it's all right not to make your bed.  Why, you say?  I found out that dust mites thrive more in a made up bed because of the warmer moist conditions.  When you leave the bed unmade it gets more air and dries the mattress and sheets out which makes mites dehydrate and die.

I'm allergic to dust mites, dust, thee types of mold (there are four types altogether I found out), some types of weeds, grasses, and trees.  I get allergy shots every other week.  Both of my sons has had allergies also but one of them has kind of outgrown them.   One of them quit getting allergy shots and the other started getting them.  They are twins, like I mentioned above and kind of switched places with the allergies.  They are 21 years old.  

Back to the making of beds, I guess it's okay they don't make their beds.  Less dust mites is better than a lot!  Maybe I shouldn't make my bed...........


  1. think i'll stop making my bed..... :D

  2. Might as well Andrea:) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Well I never heard this before. Don't let my kids read this. I guess I really do like a made up bed. LOL.

  4. Yes, I've read it before and looked it up on-line too. Your kids would probably like this idea, lol :)