Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August 1st - Where Has The Summer Gone?

I can't believe that it's August 1st already.   There are back to school supplies in stores and kids are thinking about going back to school.  The school in our town starts the end of August already.

When I was little it was kind of depressing thinking about going back to school.  It meant the summer was over.  There was no more sleeping in and getting up to go outside and play.  It wasn't all play though.  My family owned a farm and my siblings and I had to work in the summer hoeing fields of sugar beets and navy beans.  It made us appreciate what work was all about and didn't hurt us at all.  My dad always said we had to get the work done first then we could have fun, like going to the fair.

August usually flies by fast, like the rest of the summer does.  It does seem like the years go by faster than they used to.  My birthday is August 7th and it seems like I just had a birthday.  I won't tell how old I am going to be though! 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!


  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday early! I hope you have plans for a fun day....and some cake! School does start back so much earlier. It started after Labor day when I was a kid...way back when!