Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Throw Away Society

Our society today definitely is a throw away society.  Why did this happen?  There used to be shoe repair shops, television repairmen and repairmen for just about everything in the home.  Now when something like a television breaks you throw it out.   Nothing is made to last these days.   Just about everything is cheaply made junk.

We throw away paper cups and plates, diapers, shavers, aerosol cans, batteries, glass bottles, clothes, newspapers, food, and so much more.  Landfills are overflowing!  When will we run out of space to dump?
If everyone would  recycle and use less throw away items we would be doing our part to help the environment.

Remember the days when there was a milkman?  I remember when I was little we had a milkman in our town and left the glass bottles of milk on the porch.  Now we go to the store and get a plastic jug of milk or carton.  My dad used to use an old fashioned razor to shave where you just replaced the blade.  Now everybody uses throw away razors.  Dad also used a shaving mug with soap in it instead of an aerosol can of shaving cream.  Can you imagine how many of razors there are in landfills? 

I'm so glad that there are a lot of green and organic companies lately.  Pesticides are also an easy fix for farmers to spray for weeds.  If pesticides kill weeds can you imagine what it can do to the human body.  I live in a rural area and have seen some organic farms which is great.  They have signs by the field which say "organic farm, please do not spray".  

If every one does a little to help the environment we can make it better for the future and for our children and grandchildren.


  1. I have found that lately I am recycling more, by donating my gently used items instead of just pitching them out. I totally agree that we are a throw it away nation. Doing some blog hopping and dropped by to become your newest GFC follower. Would love if you dropped by my blog whenever you get the chance at Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi Gloria. This is so true. We used to live in Africa and when we would come home on furlough, we would be so saddened by the stuff people throw away. At one church dinner, I wanted to help watch the disposable cups - they were so nice! But one of the ladies said to me, "Amy, that is why we use disposable ones - so we DON'T have to wash them." Blessings, Amy