Saturday, July 14, 2012

Credit Card Debt Isn't Fun

I do have more than one credit cards in my wallet!  I must have a four or five of them but don't use all of them. I've gotten a lot of them when you go to a store and they want you to apply for a credit card and then you get a discount on your purchase.  After that I usually don't use them much.  We really only use one major credit card because you get cash back when you use it.  We always pay off the balance each month so we don't have to pay interest.

My kids are going to college and they get mail from credit card companies wanting them to get a card.  That would be a bad thing when they don't even have a job yet!  I can imagine the debt so many people have because of credit cards.  It is so easy to give that little card to get things rather than pay cash.  My parents never had a credit card.  They never got anything they couldn't afford to pay for.  I think that's a big  problem in this society today.  Instead of saving up for something like people did years ago, too many people use a credit card to get.  Then they get deep in debt and can't get out of it.


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  2. Thanks Laura! You You have a wonderful weekend too:)