Friday, July 13, 2012

Steven Tyler and Now Jennifer Lopez Quitting American Idol

I found out yesterday that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol and just found out that Jennifer Lopez is also leaving the show.  Steven wants to dedicate himself to his band Aerosmith and Jennifer want to do some other things she's had on hold.  That leaves Randy Jackson to be the only judge left (and the only original judge at that).  I am going to miss Steven Tyler a lot!  He was a great addition and I like his personality and originality.  Jennifer was okay too but Steven was my favorite.  

I wonder who they will get to replace these two?  I was just getting to like the show again with Steven.  Who else is disappointed in this announcement?


  1. aw no,I use to watch it because Steven was a judge!

  2. I agree Michelle! Steven was my favorite!