Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do You Ever Wear A Dress?

Dresses used to be worn every day by women.  I remember when I was in high school the dress code changed and girls could wear jeans or slacks.  Yes, I'm probably a little lot older than most of you reading this.  I have a sister who is ten years older than me and poodle skirts were in style when she was a teenager.  When I was a teenager we never wore dresses except to church or a wedding.  I did wear dresses or skirts occasionally when I used to work at a bank years ago.  Now a days you don't see many women wear dresses, even in businesses. The last time I wore a dress or skirt with a jacket was when my twins were confirmed at our church and that was six years ago.  Times really change.  My daughter was in a wedding a couple of weeks ago and now you don't even have to wear pantyhose.  That's kind of nice not to bother with those things.  It's a lot cooler in the summer too.  It is nice to see women wear dresses or skirts but I don't think many people do.  I'm sure men would like to see more women wear them though!


  1. I am your latest follower from the "Follow Back Group". I agree that most women don't wear dresses or skirts but I LOVE to and do whenever I can.

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  2. I always feel very feminine (and extremely self conscious) in dresses. It just seems so much easier to wear pants. There was a study done recently though about women interviewing. Turns out the ones wearing the skirt suit vs the pant suit got the job 50% more of the time. Mostly in male dominated industries. So if nothing else you at least know that men appreciate a nice pencil skirt. I found and followed you through Mom bloggers. Check me out if you're interested:

  3. I would love to wear a dress, but it really is such a hustle when you wear one..

    By the way I just became your new follower from MBC, I hope I get a follow back too..

  4. I only wear dresses to weddings. :)