Monday, June 11, 2012

An Afternoon Alone Shopping and Eating

  I rarely go any place alone but today I went to the city alone.  I could try a few clothes on and take my time.  When I wanted to go eat I did that.   I had a nice grilled chicken salad at McDonalds (with an iced tea of course).  It was relaxing to just sit and observe the people.  There were a lot of moms and kids, senior citizens, and people on their lunch break from work.  Sometimes it's nice to be by yourself and relax or unwind, even when your kids are older (mine are 21 year old twin sons and a 23 year old daughter who live at home and go to college).

I bought a few shirts for the summer which I wouldn't have needed.  They were pretty cheap and I'm going to get rid of some of my older clothes when we start getting ready for a garage sale soon.  One shirt was only $7 on sale and the other two were $12 each.  It seems like I always have more clothes for the summer.  Maybe because it's warmer and in the winter it's too cold to try on clothes.  Usually most people just hibernate here in the winter.  Anyways, I usually do.  I don't like to be out in the cold.  I like to be in a cozy house by my trusty electric fireplace.

How about everybody else?  Do you get any alone time? 


  1. I am a purpose shopper. I have not always been that way but now that I have a child, I like to get in and out. And for some reason, I also feel really guilty shopping and taking time for me. When I do shop I like to shop alone so I can get in and out.


  2. When my children were little I felt the same way as you. I never even had babysitters ever; just my mom and mother-in-law while I shopped for groceries or diapers, lol. Now my twins are 21 and my daughter is 23 :)

  3. I don't shop alone very often but when I do I love it!! Thanks for following me, I have followed back, enjoy the rest of your week.