Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Often Do You Get A Haircut?

I get a haircut about every three to four weeks.  My hair just grows so fast and I like it at a certain length to keep my style I like.  It does get costly but it's something I do because I like to try to look my best.  I think it makes you feel better about yourself when your hair looks good.  I have short hair and get it high lighted about every two or three months.  It gives my hair more body and is easier to style also.  All I do is wash my hair and blow dry it.  Then I use some hair wax  and run it through my hair with my fingers and style it with my hands.  I really like that stuff.  It works good on my hair and gives it a nice look.  Then I just use a little hair spray to make it hold.  Years ago I used to get perms all the time.  I guess a lot of people did then.  My mom still gets perms though.  I notice when I take her to the salon that a lot are senior citizens.  Remember sitting under the dryers like these old fashioned pictures?  They look like they're from out space.  Isn't it funny how fads and styles change.

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  1. My mom still has one!
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