Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Husband Found Out Butter Is Better

My husband recently found out he likes real butter better than margarine.  I usually always purchased margarine for every day use.  At home my mom and dad always bought real butter since my dad grew up on a farm and knew the difference.  I guess my husband didn't know butter tastes better till recently.  I had purchased butter and put the stick on the butter dish.  My husband makes English muffins every day and had been using it quite regularly.  Well, I ran out of butter and put a stick of margarine on the dish.  He told me now that he doesn't want margarine any more and it doesn't taste as good as butter.  His mom never bought butter so I guess he didn't know the difference all those years.  Butter is better but it is more expensive.  I guess now I'll be buying butter.  What do you use?

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