Friday, March 2, 2012

Seeing "Gone With The Wind" At An Old Movie Theatre

My daughter and I like old movies!  She looked up theaters that show old movies and found one in Detroit.  It's a historical movie theater built in 1928 that plays old movies.  It's restored and has the original pipe organ.  It's called the The Redford Theater.  This weekend they are showing "Gone With The Wind".  We live about two hours away from there but she really wants to go on Sunday afternoon.  She has spring break next week so it will be a real treat!  I hope it doesn't snow very much since the weather forecast is calling for snow showers.  Sounds like a fun time!

Update:  We made it to the theater and didn't even get lost finding it (since we're not very good at directions).  The movie on the big screen was so neat!  I've seen the movie on television before but seeing it at a theater was so much better.  There was a woman there who was a Gone With The Wind movie buff.  She knew everything about the movie and information about all the people.  She had a lot of items that she collected over the years pertaining to the movie.  She had a Gone With The Wind lamp, hankies, watch, and other memorabilia.  The theater was packed and it holds about 1,800 people. 

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