Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Daughter The Artist

My daughter Karissa is going to college for a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree, focusing in Graphic Art Design.  I'm not much of a bragger but she is a smart girl (like her mother, ha, ha).  Not really, she is much smarter than me.  When she was two years old she was doing 100 piece puzzles.  She got a 29 on her ACT score in high school, which is very good.  She was second in her class with the ACT score and GPA score combined.  She could have gone to school for anything;  but she is going to school for what she really loves, which is art.  Karissa is always drawing and has a sketch pad with her when she goes away.  She made a bust of her head for a class and I took a couple of pictures of it.  I asked her if she would mind if I put them on my blog and she said it was okay.  So here they are!  I think it's really cool, and it does look like her.  She is a beautiful daughter and person!  I'm very proud of her!

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  1. Beautiful! So talented! I'd definitely be bragging too, I know I will be someday with my own daughter. Geez I already do and she's only 4... heehee:)