Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Husband Sold Our Van For $1850

A couple of days I wrote a post that my husband didn't know if he had sold our old van for $1,850 or $1,500.  We had it advertised for $1,850 and had a few calls about it.  He was so anxious to sell it that he had told someone on the phone that he would take $1,500.  He couldn't remember who he had told it to.  So when someone wanted to buy he didn't know for sure how much we were going to get.  They didn't even talk about the price when the person came to look at it.  I let my husband do the business because I don't know anything about vehicles and all that stuff.  Well, I thought for sure that we were going to get $1,500.  I was kind of tiffed at him about lowering the price on the phone right away.  When the person came to pay she had cash.  So I started counting it and there was $1,850.  Yeah!  The van was well worth it.  You wouldn't get a deal like that at a car dealer.  So everything turned out okay.  If we would have gotten $1,500 it would have been okay too; but we can use the extra $350 for gas and groceries! 

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