Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Spring Flowers In My Yard!

I went outside today to take a picture of my tulips coming up and noticed that there were some purple flowers by my garage!  They are so pretty and are my favorite color (purple)!  They come out in very early spring and are called snow crocuses.  I don't even remember when I planted them years ago but they come back every year and are always welcome to see!   The picture on the top left are some of the tulips.  Beside that is a mum bush. In the middle are daffodils in the front corner.  They come out in mid spring and are yellow.  We've had a very mild winter in Michigan and can't complain; but I'm happy to know spring is here! 

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  1. I've been getting spring fever ever since the weather took a turn for the better up here in New England :) Showing some love from MBC <3

    Desiree' from www.lifewithourfamily.com