Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our First Estate Sale Of The Year

Friday and Saturday my husband and I, along with my sister and her husband, had an estate sale for a couple whose mother had passed away.  My sister has had estate sales for people for about 15 years.  My husband and I have started to help them out getting their sales ready recently. 

It is interesting to see what other people collect over the years.  This lady collected Cherished Teddy figures, teapots, Fenton glassware, and bells.  She had some very nice oak china cabinets, a roll-top desk, and lots of Christmas items and other glassware.  It wasn't a real big sale and only took us about a little over a week to get everything cleaned, organized, set on tables and priced.  Friday morning the people were lined up in the cold.  I couldn't believe some people came at 7:30 to wait to be first in line in that weather.  The roads were really icy and we saw a couple of accidents on the way to work at the sale.  If there are a lot of people waiting to get in we hand out numbers to the people and only let about a dozen in at a time.  That way it isn't so crowded in the house and people aren't bumping into each other.

We had a wonderful turnout.   The second day we sold just about everything in the afternoon.  Then a lady came to pick up some furniture she had bought the day before.  She had her husband and another guy with her.  She was buying a lot more stuff and we were giving her deals for a group of things.  At the end she bought the rest of what was left for $80.00.  She got quite a deal for a lot of stuff but we were glad to get rid of everything.  We figured she must set up and sell at flea markets or be a hoarder.  She had a trailer load of stuff when she left! 


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    I think it would be really interesting to see what other people collect throughout the years. I would probably buy more stuff than I needed to, though!

    Glad it was successful for you!

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