Friday, February 10, 2012

Shop at Good Will and Save Money!

When I go to the city I like to occasionally go to the Good Will store they have.  The one I go to is very clean and they have lots of items to look at which are reasonably priced.  They have colored tags on each item and each week they have half off on a certain color.  I just like to browse around and see if anything catches my eye.  I have found a nice jacket for my daughter for $5.00 which looked like new.  She didn't even know I got it from there.  They do have an aisle of new clothes also.  I like to look for things I might be able to sell on eBay.  Yesterday I found three coffee cups which I knew were old because they said Fire King on the bottom of them.  I thought they were jadite which are a light greenish color.  I bought them for 69 cents each.  I looked them up on eBay when I got home and found out that I got a great deal.  Some like I bought were selling for $26 for four of them.  So now I can put them on eBay and hopefully make a little money!


  1. I buy a lot of second hand clothing for myself, husband and son. A lot of the times it will even have the price tag still attached! I hadn't thought to ebay - but that's a great idea!

  2. Yes, it's an interesting idea! I like buying some items at Saver's to use them for arts & crafts.
    Ania from