Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making Money Having Estate Sales

My sister started having estate sales for over ten years.  She calls her company The Wonder Women!  My sister thought of the name like this.  When someone's parents pass away or go into a nursing home and you don't know what to do with their household belongings you "wonder" what to do!  Hence you call The Wonder Women!   My husband and I started helping her with estate sales last fall because the other women who had been with her group got into other ventures or jobs.  I had helped her through the years when she needed help occasionally.  The owners take whatever they want and leave the rest for us to organize, set up tables, and price the items.  Then she advertises in local newspapers.   She charges 30% of whatever is made on the sale.  She usually has the sale on Thursday and Friday.  Sometimes if there is a lot of merchandise it's on Saturday also.  Everything is always 1/2 off on the last day.  It's a lot of fun but it is work!  Some people's houses are quite clean, while others are so dirty you have to wash items before you can display them on tables.  We provide all the tables also, and have too many to count.   I usually am the cashier when the sale starts.  There is always a long line up of people waiting for the sale to start.  It there is a lot of people we give out numbers and only let in so many at a time so it's not so crowded.  It's kind of like having a glorified garage sale!  My sister just called me and said she had three calls about having sales.  So we are going to start next week on a sale.  I'll update on how it goes!

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