Monday, July 24, 2017

Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes ~ #Review #CaveTools

Have you heard of Cave Tools before? If not you should really check them out. They started out in 2013 by Michael "Medium Rare" O'Donnell, and offer superior grilling and cooking tools that you won't find any place else.

In the past I have reviewed a couple of their quality made products. The latest was their Pigtail Food Flippers which you can read my review here. Another product from them that I have tried out in the past is their 3 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set (this review can be seen here). Their products are made to last and not like some flimsy grilling/cooking tools,

This time I had the pleasure to try out the Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes. I have heard of Beer Can Chicken in the past but have never made it before. I heard of the way some people make it with a regular beer can but you won't need it with this product.

It was intriguing to be able to try this item. It comes with roasting rack, a canister that resembles the shape of a beer can, and vegetable spikes which you can attach to the rack. The spikes can be used for potatoes or even ears of corn. Since I had some potatoes on hand I used the spikes for this use. They are easily attached to the side of the roasting rack.

All I did was filled the canister with some light beer and tightened it onto the base. If you don't want to use beer it can be used with wine, cider or any other liquid combination you would like. By the way the whole product is made of stainless steel and is very sturdy. I  made a mixture of spices to my liking and rubbed it onto the chicken after patting it dry.  I pushed the chicken on the canister and it fit very well with no problem. The chicken didn't fall over and stood up straight. There is a locking mechanism which keeps the canister in place for later when you remove the cooked chicken.

My chicken was approximately 5 lbs. and I baked it in my oven at 375 degrees for approximately 2 hours. It can also be used on your grill if you prefer. The potatoes were done first so I just pulled them off the vegetable spikes and sat them on the top of the oven for a little while. I haven't made a whole chicken for some time so wanted to make sure it was done. I checked with my food thermometer a few times just to make sure.

The chicken turned out beautifully and very moist! I pulled it off the canister and placed it on a serving plate. My husband thought it was tasty and said he would like me to make it again! I agreed. It was so easy to make with this Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack.  My sons were at work so they didn't get a chance to try it yet. I'm sure they will be finishing up the chicken when they get home. Oh yes, everything included with the Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack is dishwasher safe. Or you can wash it by hand if you prefer. I washed it by hand since I'm one of those rare people that don't have a dishwasher.

You can find the Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes from Cave Tools on Amazon and on the Cave Tools website. Along with the product you get a free barbecue recipe book that you can download, which is a nice bonus.

Cave Tools is generously giving the readers of Gloria's Bits and Pieces an awesome coupon code to save 15% off of the Beer Can Chicken. Look below for the code to use:


Thank you to Cave Tools for providing me with this amazing product to try out!

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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