Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pigtail Food Flippers from Cave Tools ~ #Review

Image Credit: Cave Tools

Spring hasn't been very normal where I live with the strange weather and has been very bad on my health and allergies. I won't go into detail about that but am lookinging forward to the hot summer days. I'm looking forward to sunny days, my flowers popping out with their bright colors and the backyard barbecuing that gets me out of the kitchen.

Not that I don't mind cooking but I like when my hubby undertakes the job of cooking  at least some of the meals. It doesn't really sound like work when you're outside with a cold drink in your hand, being in the fresh air, and enjoying the weather while barbecuing your favorite foods!

Last year I reviewed a 3 piece Stainless Steel BBQ Set from Cave Tools which was awesome and you can read the review here if you would like to.

Recently I had the opportunity to review another product from Cave Tools. This time I chose a unique tool that has a funny sounding name - which is called the Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers! The set comes in 2 different lengths - one smaller and one longer length which makes it good for various sizes of foods.

Photo Credit: Cave Tools

The reason these are called Pigtail Food Flippers is because if you've ever been on a farm you may have seen a pig. Pigs have unusual shaped tails that are curly and kind of cute, I might add (if you like pigs). The ends of these flippers resemble (you guessed it) pig's tails!

How do these work, you might ask?  Cave Tools states that the longer handled variation work well for keeping your hands more safe while using a grill outdoors. The smaller pigtail flipper works good for cooking in the kitchen to flip smaller items such as hot dogs or sausages.They're even good for frying bacon so you have less chance of getting splattered by grease.

Pigtail Food Flippers are made for just piercing the end of your meat or food. Then you just flip your wrist and that's it. Easy and you don't lose a lot of juices from the meat.

As fate may have it, I just sold our old grill and smoker last weekend at a garage sale we had. So we are in the process of thinking about getting a new grill! My husband wants to get a gas grill this time so he doesn't have to buy charcoal all the time. It's up to him since he's the griller, so it's his choice.

Hubby likes pork chops and fried potatoes so had a chance to try out the new Pigtail Flippers and used the shorter one for flipping pork chops in the frying pan. He said they worked just great and were so easy to use. The sharp pointy edge got a good grip on the chops and he said they were comfortable to hold with the ergonomic handle. They are dishwasher safe and would be a great Father's Day gift, or housewarming gift.

If you would like more information or want to check out their other products from Cave Tools just go In addition, you get a free download of "The Grill Master's Essential Barbecue Recipe Book" with 25 professional barbecue recipes.

The Pig Tail Flippers are priced at $17.99 and look like they are going to last for years to come. They come with a life time satisfaction guarantee. In addition, you get a free download of "The Grill Master's Essential Barbecue Recipe Book" with 25 professional barbecue recipes.

The great people at Cave Tools are offering the readers of Gloria's Bits and Pieces a special Coupon Code when you purchase the Pigtail Food Flippers! You can get 15% off with the code shown as follows:  PIGTAIL15

You can conveniently purchase the Pig Tail Flippers on Amazon or on their website!

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own and yours may differ.


  1. That's good that they're dishwasher safe since they touch raw meat. It looks like a nice tool to use to avoid getting splattered on by the hot oil/cooking juices.

  2. Yes, it definitely is a unique tool and I like that there are 2 sizes also for different types of food. You could even use it in a crock pot. It's nice for keeping yourself from getting splattered for sure!