Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 Cheap Activities For Younger Kids In The Summer

10 Cheap Activities for Younger Kids In The Summer

Photo Credit: Unsplash

My kids are adults but it seems like yesterday that my daughter and twin sons were little ones growing up and keeping me busy.

Since I was a stay at home mom we didn't have a lot of money to go to expensive places.

I thought of other ideas to do when they were old enough to understand and do things cheaply without spending much money,

1.One idea is packing a light picnic lunch and go to your township park. While there the kids can also go on the swings, slides or whatever is age appropriate for them.

2. Buy a box of colored chalk and if you have a cement sidewalk let the kids draw their own pictures on each of the blocks or on the driveway.

3. Go in your backyard and if they are old enough you can pitch them a soft plastic ball and have them take turns hitting the ball with a plastic bat.

4. For one or two small children give them a ride around the block on the sidewalk area in a wagon.

5. Buy a few cheaper flowers such as petunias and spade a small patch of ground for your kids to plant each of their flowers. Or they could plant their flower in a pot if you have some of them on hand not in use.

6. Buy a butterfly net at a dollar store for the kids and let them look for butterflies to catch in the back yard or around your house.

7. If it's really hot outside put the sprinkler on and let them take turns running through it. Or if you have a small wading pool let them enjoy the warm water with a few plastic toys. Always keep an eye on them without ever leaving them alone! I never left my kids out of my sight, and I had twin sons and a daughter 2 years apart.

8. If you have a sandbox, buy some inexpensive plastic pails, shovels and the like and let them use their imagination to build whatever they want.

9. Go outdoors and look at the nature in your yard, such as the colors and sounds of birds. Ask them what colors they see, what types of birds they see, and what is their favorite things about the outdoors. You could let them take some pictures also, if they are old enough

10. Buy some bottles of bubble stuff and let the kids have a blast watching the bubbles fly through the air trying to pop them.


  1. My kids always enjoyed the colored chalk and bubbles too. We also like to play ball and frisbee in the backyard.

    1. Lots of fun stuff to do in the summer! Thanks for sharing, Brenda!