Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath by Maple Holistics ~ So Relaxing! #Review

Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath by Maple Holistics

Recently I was approached for a review from a company that was new to me - called Maple Holisitics. I checked out their website and found out that they offer a nice selection of natural and holistic products including bath & body, hair care, skin care and even health food. 

This sounded great to me since I'm starting to be more aware of what I put on my body and ingest. I've become more of a label reader and when you can't pronounce some ingredients in products, it make you wonder what it really is and what harm it can do to you. You would be surprised at all the nasty chemicals that are in products these days and I want to stay away from them if I possibly can.

Relaxing Scent

Since I'm a fan of soaking in a nice hot tub with lots of bubbles I chose the Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath, which sounded right up my alley. When I received the bottle of bubble bath the first thing I did was open the top to see how it smelled. Well, let me tell you it was like smelling a field of lavender in the summer sun. I love the scent of lavender and this one is so real and true.

100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

There is nothing phony about this bubble bath because it includes 100% pure Bulgarian Lavender essential oil. It also includes Palmarosa which is an essential oil that hydrates your skin and Clary Sage which is an essential oil that is so calming and therapeutic.

Like A Spa At Home

I couldn't wait to try it out and lounge in the tub for a bit. I squirted some in the tub while the water was running and got some beautiful rich bubbles! It was so relaxing and I could feel that the bath water and my skin was softer. It was very soothing and a pleasant treat for my senses and skin! It's also safe if you happen to have sensitive skin.

Some other qualities that I appreciate about all the products from Maple Holistics is that they are:
  •  Made in the USA
  •  All Natural
  •  Cruelty Free
  •  Sulfate Free
  •  Safe for Color

Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath comes in an 8 ounce size and is a product that I would use daily. It sells for $9.97 which may sound a little high but you are paying for a quality product.

Maple Holistics is always creating new products and they have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. They also offer free shipping on orders over $25.

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Sounds like a great way to relax after a tough day! That's great they also sell health food. I would be interested in learning more about that too.

    1. It really is a soothing bubble bath, and the scent is amazing! You'll have to check their website out to learn more!