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Have Some Laughs With ~ Comedy 20 Movie Collection DVD Set #Review

Have Some Laughs With ~ Comedy 20 Movie Collection DVD Set


A premium, 20-Movie Collection of licensed films from Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures
(1988) / R
Sally Field, Tom Hanks
A wonderful, bittersweet comedy…” – Rex Reed & Dixie Whatley, AT THE MOVIES
Field stars as Lilah Krytsick, a New Jersey housewife and mother who desperately wants to make it big as a comedienne. Hanks plays Steven Gold, a self-centered Lenny Bruce-type who's been stealing the spotlight with his irrepressible, natural comedic talent. Drawn to one another, Steven helps the stumbling Lilah turn her routine from flat to funny, while Lilah helps Steven keep his anguished life together.
Postcards from the Edge
(1990) / R
Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Quaid
Streep gives the most fully articulated comic performance of her career…” – Hal Hinson, Washington Post
In a brilliant comic performance, Streep stars as Suzanne Vale, a wisecracking, vulnerable actress determined to jump start her failing career. As her aging movie star mother, MacLaine offers the definitive portrait of Hollywood's gutsy glamour queens. Quaid and an all-star cast offer a bird's-eye view of Hollywood has-beens and wanna-bes.
Hollywood Homicide
(2003) / R
Harrison Ford, Josh Harnett, Lena Olin, Lolita Davidovich
A pair of detectives investigate the murder of a rap group while pursuing their other full-time professions. Welcome to Hollywood Homicide - the only profession where a guy can come to work hungry, horny, thirsty, and broke, and resolve all four by the end of the watch. - "Ford just gets better, more distilled, more laconic and more gruffly likeable.." - Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times
Hudson Hawk
(1991) / R
Bruce Willis, Andie MacDowell, Danny Aiello
An ex-cat burglar (Bruce Willis) sets out to steal a series of priceless artifacts in this globe-spanning caper. - "Bruce Willis is part James Bond, part Cary Grant and part Buster Keaton.." - Washington Post/Hal Hinson
The Freshman
(1990) / PG
Matthew Broderick. Marlon Brando, Bruno Kirby
After starting his first year of film school in New York City, Clark Kellogg meets Carmine “Jimmy the Toucan” Sabatini. When Sabatini makes Clark an offer he can't refuse, he finds himself caught up in a dilemma involving endangered species and fine dining. - "'s a brilliant comic masterstroke." - Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times
Cops and Robbersons
(1994) / PG
Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest
Chevy Chase (Community, TV Series), Jack Palance (City Slickers) and Dianne Wiest (The Odd Life of Timothy Green) star in the comedy caper about a mild-mannered accountant whose dreams of being a super-cop come hilariously to life. In the pursuit of a dangerous counterfeiter, grizzled cop Jack Stone (Palance) convinces a suburban family to let him use their home for an extended stakeout. But this “typical” family is anything but, with a prat-falling father (Chase) whose cop show obsession endangers the whole operation. Reuniting the director and star of FletchCops & Robbersons combines fast-moving farce, sight gags and physical comedy for arresting entertainment. - “This is a funny movie! It’s hysterical…a lot of laughs.” – Larry King, CNN
(1994) / R
Lara Flynn Boyle, Stephen Baldwin, Josh Charles
Hilarious and Provocative! A Winner!” – Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood
Three roommates explore the complexity of friendships, relationships and sexuality, ultimately becoming more than just friends.
Wilder Napalm
(1993) / PG-13
Debra Winger, Dennis Quaid, Arliss Howard
Wacky and Creative.” – New York Daily News
A quirky comedy about two brothers, with telekinetic fire powers, who end up falling for the same girl, who happens to be an arsonist.
The Velocity of Gary
(1998) / R
Vincent D’Onofrio, Salma Hayek, Thomas Jayne
phenomenally talented actors” – Reel Film Reviews
Valentino is an adult film star torn apart by two loves: tempestuous waitress Mary and hunky street hustler Gary. Together, the three of them will explore life, love and the true meaning of family.
(1999) / R
William Fichtner, Katie Holmes, Jay Mohr, Sarah Polley, Scott Wolf
A Four-On-The-Floor Joyride” – Time Magazine
This outrageous and action-packed hit is a sexy and hilarious comedy that stretches the limits of how far you can go and still get home from the party alive.
(1993) / R
Arye Gross, Claudia Christian
A long overdue sham on the endless spate of erotic thrillers.” - Entertainment Today's Pick of the Week
A lowly hotel clerk gets the hots for a dangerously demented fashion model and nearly gets the axe!
Jersey Girl
(1992) / PG-13
Dylan McDermott, Jami Gertz, Sheryl Lee
"Jami Gertz gives a winning perf" - Variety
A Manhattan yuppie and a Garden State girl decide to take a risk for the pursuit of happiness with each other. Family, friends and employment are all on the line for these two mismatched lovebirds.
The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human
(1999) / R
Mackenzie Astin, Carmen Electra, David Hyde Pierce
Slight, smart-alecky romantic comedy.” – TV Guide, Maitland McDonagh
The dating and mating rituals of a "typical" male and female couple are presented as a nature documentary in this hilariously sexy romantic comedy.
The Suburbans
(1999) / R
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Craig Bierko, Amy Brenneman, Will Ferrell
A fresh and beautifully timed, if slight, romantic comedy.” – Mr. Showbiz, Michael Atkinson
An electrifying film about the reunion of a one-hit wonder New Wave band from the eighties.
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
(2007) / R
John C. Reilly, Kristen Wiig, Tim Meadows
John C. Reilly is insanely funny” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
Dewey Cox had it all: the women, the friends and the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. But most of all, he had the music that transformed a dimwitted country boy into the greatest American rock star who never lived. This film is gut-busting proof that when it comes to hard rocking, living and laughing, a hard man is good to find.
The Brothers Solomon
(2007) / R
Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kristen Wiig
A Hilarious Off-Center Comedy, Which Plays Like Dumb & Dumber meets Knocked Up…” – Adam Graham, Detroit News
When their dying father wishes to meet his first grandchild, the Solomon brothers find it's easier said than done. The lads have no idea how to talk to a woman, let along convince her to have a baby. Realizing the future of their family lies in their hands, the clueless duo set out to "make a baby for Dad."
Just Add Water
(2008) / R
Dylan Walsh, Jonah Hill, Danny Devito
2008 Slamdance Film Festival Official Selection
Welcome to Trona, a dead end desert town for people with dead end lives and no one is going nowhere faster than Ray Tuckby, a underground parking lot attendant. That is, until Ray's life totally bottoms out. Now, with the help of a childhood sweetheart and a concerned stranger, Ray is about to take back his life!
Can't Hardly Wait
(1998) / PG-13
Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Jennifer Love Hewitt
A high-spirited, synthetically raucous house-party comedy.” – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
It's graduation day at Huntington Hills High - a time for pomp and circumstance, tassels and mortarboards, and serious introspection about the future. But tonight, the seniors will leave all that behind for the things that really matter - romance, revenge and rock 'n' roll.
High School High
(1996) / PG-13
Jon Lovitz, Tia Carrere, Mekhi Phifer
guarantees that just about every funnybone is bound to be hit” – Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times
Richard Clark is a dedicated educator who gives up his position at an upscale private school to take over a class at an inner city school facing some dangerously strange minds in this outrageous comedy. This wild new brand of urban comedy is laced with slapstick and hilarious spoofs.
Dancer, Texas - Pop. 81
(1998) / PG
Breckin Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Eddie Mills II
A Sweet, Evocative Look At Small-Town Life With A Wonderful Cast.” – Dr. Jory Browne, WOB
Keller has wanted to leave Dancer, Texas since he was a child. At 12 he enlisted his best friends, Squirrel, Terrell Lee and John, in a solemn oath that they would all ditch Dancer after high school graduation. But when the boys gather on graduation night, each finds his own reasons to reconsider their vow.

My Thoughts:

Mill Creek Entertainment is a website that has a wide variety of movies including DVDs and Blu-rays. They offer every genre you can think of from Sci-Fi, Dramas, Mysteries, Westerns, Comedies, Television Shows, Children, and so much more that you'll find something for you and the whole family.

I've received a number of DVDs and Blu-rays from Mill Creek in the past so was excited to get the Comedy 20 Movie Collection DVD this time. This set includes 6 discs with a run time of 33 hours and 5 minutes altogether.

A movie that I viewed was The Freshman from 1990 which I had not heard of before. It stars some major actors in it, including Marlon Brando (Carmine Sabatini) and Matthew Broderick (Clark Kellogg). Clark is going to NYU to study film and it's the first time he's left Vermont. Right away he gets robbed of everything he has and the fun begins. Later he sees the guy who robbed him and he promises to give everything back if he does a job for his uncle, which is Carmine Sabatini. Marlon Brando parodies his role from the Godfather in this film, which is pretty funny. I thought this was an entertaining movie. It is rated PG which I appreciated also.

Another movie that I viewed was Cops and Robbersons from 1994 which stars Chevy Chase (Norman Robberson), Jack Palance (Jake Stone), and Dianne Wiest (Helen Robberson)I always liked Chase in his Vacation movies and Palance in City Slickers so thought this would be a funny movieIn the film Stone is a detective and Robberson is a businessman who loves watching cop shows.When a dangerous criminal moves next door to the Robberson's house, Norman is all excited because the cops want to move in with the Robberson household to stake them out. Although it didn't stand up to Chase's Vacation movies, I did get some laughs from it. The movie is rated PG which is nice for the family also.

Disclosure: I received free product from Mill Creek Entertainment for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. That is a lot of movies in the collection! I haven't watched any of those. I might watch the PG ones you reviewed, but that would be it.